"The Photography Circle"

The Photography Circle operates as a legally recognized association, meaning that it is a non-profit organization governed by private law. It was founded in 1988 on the initiative of Platon Rivellis and some of his students from photography seminars he taught in a basement room on Arahovis Street in downtown Athens (Studio Quark). The Photography Circle was founded for the purpose of furthering the art of photography, educating the public about photography, enhancing the artistic sophistication of its members and supporting their artistic work. It seeks to achieve this goal by organizing seminars, lectures, screenings, exhibitions and publishing of photographic books.

For twenty years, the Photography Circle’s home was a ground floor space at no. 44, Tsakalof Street, where it had a darkroom, a library-lounge and an exhibition area. As of 2003, its activities have been moved to the Benaki Museum in cooperation with this institution, but its headquarters are still at the same address on Tsakalof Street, on smaller premises than before.

Anyone with an interest in the art of photography can become a member of the Photography Circle, whether they are photographers themselves or not. The overwhelming majority of members are graduates of the Introductory Seminars to Creative Photography which Platon Rivellis has been teaching since 1981.