"Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus in the early 21st century"

Press Release (in greek) | Photographs | Poster

Photographers participating: Christodoulos Antoniades, Yiannakis Vakis, Varnavas Varnava, Ioannis Yerou, Zenon Zinonos, Michalis Theocharides, Makis Economides, Phiniki Stouppa.

Opening: Friday the 21st of September at 20:00, by the minister of Education and Culture Mr. George Demosthenous

Duration: 21st of September -
- 9th of November
Venue: Fotodos Premises & Gallery | 16:00 - 20:00 daily

[On demand, the exhibition may be opened morning hours and on weekends. Please contact 99431789 or 99610424]

Fotodos’s photography exhibition called "Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus in the early 21st century" is part of the events held on the occasion of the assumption of the Presidency of the European Union by the Republic of Cyprus.

Fotodos’s proposal, which was accepted by the Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education and Culture, entailed picture-taking within the limits of the non-occupied Municipality of Nicosia by Fotodos members. The photographers worked independently and tried to capture the entire range of Nicosia. They had the opportunity to photograph scenes from the green line, the narrow streets of the walled city, as well as the modern city. The photographers present their own reality of the city as they saw and recorded it at the moment. Nicosia is seen through a different lens, without a trace of tourist promotion or editorializing. The result is that the photographers were able to turn small and insignificant moments of the city into artistic events.

This exhibition was made possible thanks to the help and sponsorship of the Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education and Culture. I would like to thank the Cultural Services for their continued support. I would also like to thank our communication sponsor CyBC. Finally, I would like to express my gratitude to the photographers of Fotodos that allow us to see and appreciate Nicosia through their own eyes and their own soul.

And because the images in this report represent only the non-occupied part of the city, I will close with the words of poet Michael Pasiardis regarding the divided city of Nicosia and expressed in the form of prayer, which I believe represent us all: "Nowadays, it is the last divided city in Europe; divided by the Green Line which breaks its consistency and continuity. The drama of the country’s occupation can literally be grasped along the Green Line. But time goes on..... Elsewhere, such as Berlin, the Wall and all man-made divisions have fallen. That is Nicosia’s hope for the next day. To dispel the "fake lines" and to make our city whole again."

Ioannis Yerou
President of Fotodos