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On the web pages of Fotodos one can find general information of the organization, activities and photographs of its members from group exhibitions as well as portfolios of its members.

For any further information visit us at our premises on Thusrdays evening or contact us either via the web on or on the telephone number (+357) 99435754.

Future activities are sent on request.

If you wish to become a member of Fotodos please fill up and send us the membership application form. The annual subscription has been recently reduced to €50 euro. For students and soldiers the subscription is €30 euro. In addition, there is a registration fee of €20 euro applied to new & past members (to those who didn't subscribe the year before).

Fotodos has been moved just a few steps further - next to "Sarah's Jazz Club".

37 Xanthis Xenierou, 1015 Nicosia
P.O.Box 20003, 1600 Nicosia

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The membership of Fotodos Board for the biennial period 2019-2020 is the following:

President: Ioannis Yerou
Vice president: Doros Demetriou
Secretary: Yiannis Spanos
Cashier: Phiniki Stouppa
Member: Varnavas Varnava
Member: Filippos Filippou
Member: Vassilis Chrysanthou

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