"Vassilis Gerontakos"

Vassilis Gerontakos was born in Athens, where he lives and works today. He studied the flute at the Αthenaeum Conservatory, Mathematics and Astronomy at the University of Athens and photography at the Photography Circle. He has worked as a radio producer and composed music for various theatre productions. His photographs have been shown in group exhibitions: in 2008 at the Benaki Museum in Athens on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the founding of the Photography Circle, and in 2010 at the Photobiennale in Thessaloniki at the Mylos Club. In 2010, he also had a solo exhibition at the Centre of Architecture of Thessaloniki. He teaches photography at the Photography Workshop in the Municipality of Peristeri, a suburb of Athens.

"Vassilis Gerontakos discovers and uncovers the unique capacity of photography to record, with precision, the fleeting thoughts and feelings which start out from our eyes, only to immediately dive into our subconscious. This is why his photographs can be appreciated no matter how they are arranged, or even in complete disarray, with no regard whatsoever to what they depict, or their colours or shadows, linked only by their strangely disciplined and recurrent form. However, at the same time this unruly cascade of his images fabricates a new structure of the world as we know it, urging us to set free our own gaze and our own dreams, and thus fulfilling one of the utmost aspirations of art: to move us, but also to provide inspiration."

(Excerpt from Platon Rivellis’ foreword in the catalogue
of an exhibition with photographs by Vassilis Gerontakos)