who we are

Fotodos comprises the fruit of love for photography of a group of people who gathered together as much willing to take photographs, as to bring out artistic photography.

The institution is active in the preparation and fulfillment of seminars, lectures, presentations, photograph judging, exhibitions and meetings, publishing and other similar activities.

Fotodos has no distinction among professional or amateur photographers, while in the same way it does not only refer to photographers; it applies to all who, through photo shooting, wish to express their artistic view and to those who enjoy art through photography.

Fotodos does not wish to replace other photography related organizations. We strongly believe that each one of them has its own contribution and serves some needs. Simultaneously, we consider Fotodos active in a sector where it covers up a gap which has always existed.

Everyone may apply for a membership to Fotodos, whether he/she is an active photo-grapher or not. What is important is to meet with the aims of the body and to be willing to work for their realization.